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Is Cremation or Burial Right for You?

Published: August 14, 2019

When you’re preplanning your funeral, there are lots of decisions you can make to ensure that you get the send-off that’s right for you. One important decision is whether you would like to be buried or cremated. If you’re planning a funeral for a loved one, then you might also need to make this decision for them.

We’ll look at some of the reasons why people prefer one over the other to help you decide between a burial and a cremation funeral.


If cost is an important factor in your funeral planning, then cremation is generally the more affordable option. Prices for burial vary greatly, especially when it comes to choosing a casket. Many of the additional costs associated with burial are not needed for cremation, especially if the body is created right away without a viewing first.

Religious beliefs

Some people’s choices come down to religious beliefs since some religions encourage one option over the other. Some even forbid burial or cremation, depending on the religion in question and the beliefs that they hold. However, these attitudes seem to be turning more relaxed with time.

Environmental impact

If you’re worried about the impact your death will have on the environment, then there are pros and cons for each option. Embalming fluids are thought to be bad for the environment, which is typically used in burial and may also be used for cremation if the body is to be viewed first. For burial, the type of casket you choose will have a big impact on eco-friendliness. More people are now choosing biodegradable caskets to limit their impact on the environment.

Personal preference

Most of the choice between burial and cremation comes down to personal preference. Some people might not like the idea of cremation, while others can’t stand the thought of their body decomposing in the ground. Many people choose cremation because they like the idea of being returned to a place that was special to them during life. This is often a completely personal choice that you must think about.

Family’s wishes

You might also take your family’s wishes into consideration. Some families take comfort in being able to visit a grave while others might prefer to take home a decorative urn containing the ashes of their loved one. Many people choose burial in order to have an open casket at the funeral, but this can also be done with cremation services, with the funeral taking place before the body is cremated.

Whichever option is right for you, Hayworth Miller can help you carry out your wishes or those of your loved one. We can help you with prearrangement services, cremation services, and more to help make funeral planning easier on you and your family. Get in touch for funeral care around Winston Salem and Lewisville, NC.

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