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Cremation Services

Our Guarantee to You

We take the necessary steps to ensure your loved one is provided the dignified care they deserve throughout the cremation process and to guarantee that the cremated remains returned to you are those of your loved one.  We have our own crematory located at our Silas Creek facility.  This allows the entire process to be handled in house and monitored by our staff.  Here is a detailed explanation of our cremation process:

Our Promise

Our promise to you is that we will follow our strict step by step process from the beginning until the cremation process is complete.  This begins when we accept your loved one into our care.  A personal identification band is placed on your loved one when our staff arrives at their place of death.


Upon arrival at the funeral home, an additional personal identification tag is placed upon your loved one and their information is logged into our system.

Peace of Mind

Our staff will prepare your loved one for identification purposes prior to cremation.  While not required, we prefer the next of kin or family appointed representative positively identify the decedent prior to cremation.

Extensive Records

Upon arrival at our crematory, your loved one is logged into our cremation tracking system.  This information includes the date and time of arrival at the crematory and the name of the staff member accompanying them.  Your loved one will receive a four-digit identification number which will follow them throughout the entire cremation process and ensures positive identification once the cremation process is complete.

Professional Staff

Two individuals, a certified cremation technician and a funeral home staff member, will review all cremation paperwork before the process is to begin.  This includes review of the death certificate, identification forms, and cremation authorization forms.  This is to ensure all authorizations and measures have been taken in accordance with the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service and Forsyth County Health Department prior to cremation.  Removal of all jewelry and pacemaker if applicable will also be completed at this time.

Attention to Detail

Our cremation technician will place a metal disc inside of the cremation chamber with your loved one.  This disc will have the same four-digit identification number given to your loved one upon their arrival at the crematory.  Our technician will monitor the process until the cremation is complete.

Dignity and Respect

Following the cremation, every effort is made to retrieve all recoverable remains.  Once the remains are processed, they are placed in an urn the family either purchases from Hayworth-Miller or provides on their own.  The cremated remains will be locked up in a secure environment.

Communication and Service

Our staff will notify the family when the cremated remains are available for pick up.  We can arrange for delivery of your loved one’s cremated remains to your residence, cemetery, or place of service, depending on your needs.  We also offer shipment of cremated remains within the continental United States at no additional charge.

Certificate of Cremation

A certificate of cremation will be provided to each family.  This certificate is signed by the technician that performed the cremation.  It also includes the name of the decedent along with the identification number assigned to them and the date of cremation.

Our staff at Hayworth-Miller prides itself on providing unmatched service to our community.  With over 84 years of combined experienced technicians, modern facilities, and a caring staff, we promise to provide the compassionate care for your loved one.

This is our guarantee to you.

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